Join Our Team

Do you have a talent you're willing to share? Always Toward the Light is looking for volunteers who would like to become part of our team! Below are some of the areas that we are interested in developing for volunteer members.

  1. Copy-editors: Are you good at proofreading and editing? Let us know. We would like to share articles that are in development with people who are willing to give a careful look at the drafts we are working on.

  2. Writers: Do you have faith-related reflections you'd like to share in an article or story? We'll publish it on our site if it fits some basic criteria. Let us know if you have something to share?

  3. Conversion Stories: We are looking for volunteers who would like to share their conversion story to the Catholic Church. We'd even consider publishing a podcast that features your story through an interview.

  4. Sales: Are you good talking with people on the phone? We will compensate you for helping us build our Business Directory with local and national business listings. Just ask us how.

  5. Curriculum Development: Would you consider helping us build a library of original educational resources and bible study materials? How about a small-group adult Scripture Study course that includes apologetic skills?

  6. Always Toward the Light Ambassadors: We need "Ambassadors" who are willing to facilitate adult education groups for Catholics who want to deepen their understanding about their faith. Ambassadors might also communicate with pastors and religious personnel in their local parish, diocese, or region regarding these and other goals.

  7. Travel Coordinators: Always Toward the Light will offer complimentary travel to Travel Coordinators who organize trips to the Holy Land and/or other religious destinations, such as Fatima, Lourdes, and Rome. You will work with our partners at Independent By Liberty Travel to build a group pilgrimage and receive steep discounts, or free travel that is only offered to the group coordinator.

Tell us about yourself and how you would like to help! We look forward to being in touch soon.

Thanks for submitting!